Technical Agile Coaching

As a Technical Agile Coach, I am helping software teams become more effective by supporting, collaborating, and training on technical practices, technologies, and agile methodologies.

My strong focus on technical and cultural aspects ensures outstanding developer experience and productivity for the teams working with me.

Tobias Mende
Technical Agile Coach & OrgDev Consultant

How I Can Support You

As a Technical Agile Coach, I work with your team collaboratively for several hours or days per week for 2 to 6 months and longer, if desired.
I can provide this service in English and German in CET ± 6.

Technical Practices

Introduce and teach practices like TDD, CI/CD, software teaming and more.

Introduce and teach practices like Test-Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Domain-driven design (DDD).

Facilitate pair/team programming sessions and code reviews.

Promote and provide guidance on software design principles, patterns, and automated testing.

Safe refactorings in legacy code.

Agile Practices

Guide teams on Agile working methods and promote an agile mindset.

Support facilitation of collaboration sessions and meetings (daily stand-ups, retrospectives, plannings, etc.).

Assist teams in story splitting and work planning.

Promote Agile principles and mindset among team members.

Mentoring And Training

Provide personal mentoring and comprehensive training on technical and Agile topics.

Provide 1-on-1 mentoring to developers and other team members.

Conduct training sessions and workshops on technical topics and Agile methodologies.

Help team members improve their technical and soft skills.

Continuous Improvement

Collaborate with teams to tackle technical debt and embrace constant improvement and learning.

Work with teams to identify and remove technical debt and bottlenecks.

Promote a culture of continuous improvement through retrospectives and feedback loops.

Help teams adopt and adapt new tools and technologies to improve their work processes.

Tools and Automation

Guide tool selection and automation for outstanding developer experience.

Guide teams in selecting the best tools for their needs (e.g., version control, CI/CD tools, testing frameworks).

Assist in setting up and optimizing development environments and pipelines.

Promote automation in testing, deployment, and other repetitive tasks.


Foster open communication and collaboration between technical and non-technical folks.

Foster a culture of open communication and collaboration both within the team and with stakeholders.

Improve communication between technical and non-technical stakeholders, translating requirements and constraints as necessary.

Assist in resolving conflicts related to technical decisions.

Code Quality And Architecture

Advocate for clean and maintainable code and facilitate architectural decisions.

Advocate for clean code principles.

Assist teams in making architectural decisions and ensuring the codebase remains maintainable and scalable.

Promote practices like refactoring and modular design.

Feedback Loops

Establish systems to gather and act on feedback to improve response times.

Establish mechanisms to gather feedback from production systems (e.g., monitoring, logging, and alerts).

Help teams respond quickly and effectively to feedback, incorporating lessons into future work.

Focus on reducing lead times, and improving feedback loops and flow.

Cultural Shift

Drive a shift towards a culture focused on learning and fast and safe progress.

Work on shifting the team's culture towards a more agile and technically robust mindset.

Encourage a culture of learning, sharing, experimentation, and moving fast and safe.

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