Leading without Hierarchies

It is no longer enough for employees to follow orders and do things by the book. They want freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to play an active role. 

But how can this be achieved in growing organizations with real goals and challenges?

In this workshop we will cover team dynamics, the importance of trust and relationships as well as feedback and conflict. In addition, we will address the systemic connections between distributed leadership, self-organization, and the achievement of organizational goals. Together we will develop a people-centered view of team and organizational leadership in which people are motivated and inspired, but control and management are unnecessary.

Photo by Natalia Schuchardt (https://nataliaschuchardt.de)

What Participants Say

Workshop Format

Photo by Natalia Schuchardt (https://nataliaschuchardt.de)

My workshops are tailored to the audience. Therefore I can give the workshop in the format and length best suitable for the audience and the desired depth of the content.

We will discuss the format, duration, and details in the free briefing call.

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