Engineering Leadership Accelerator

Drive Success & Sustainable Change

Engineering leaders face challenges in managing projects, inspiring teams, and ensuring seamless communication, often seeking ways to boost productivity, increase alignment and autonomy and create lasting impact.

Unaddressed challenges can lead to missed deadlines, low morale, and reduced efficiency, hindering your team’s potential and effective leadership and decision-making on all levels.

The Engineering Leadership Accelerator is a 6-step program designed to improve productivity and satisfaction and equip leaders for success. Achieve higher levels of engineering success quickly, drive sustainable change, and make a real difference in your organization.

Here's what you can expect:

Deep Dive into Your Unique Context

We will start by getting to know your organization and the challenges you are facing. Whether technical, cultural, or procedural, I will work with you to understand the root cause of your challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Based on your specific context, I will be sure to provide customized recommendations and best practices that you can use to unlock the full potential of your team. This could include everything from improving development processes to fostering a positive work environment.

Hands-On Implementation Support

You can use me as a dedicated coach, mentor, and sparring partner to provide guidance and support as you implement the changes we discussed. I will be there to answer any questions and help you overcome any roadblocks you encounter.

Measurable Results

We will track progress along the way and measure the impact of the changes we have made to ensure you are getting the results you are looking for. Whether it is improved employee satisfaction, faster lead times, better decision-making, or higher code quality. We will work together to ensure you see the results you deserve.

Sustainable Change

My accelerator program is more than just a one-off solution. Together with you and your team, we will work to create lasting changes in culture, structures, and technologies. We will create a plan for sustained success, so you can continue to see the benefits of our work for years to come.

The Engineering Leadership Accelerator Blueprint

Though each situation is unique, I’ve discovered that these six steps are critical to the success and efficiency of leadership teams in driving change.

Below you can find more information on the six steps. Schedule a free 30-minute call with me to explore your context together and assess your potential in these six areas.

Step 1: Discovery

Assess the current situation
Identify the current state of the team, its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This step will help you understand the context and frame the problem.

Step 2: Trust Building

Build a culture of trust
Build a culture of trust, psychological safety, and belonging in the team. This step will create a safe environment where team members can share ideas, take risks, and collaborate effectively.

Step 3: Visioneering

Define the vision
Define the ideal state of the team and the organization. What are the goals and objectives that your organization needs to achieve? This step will help you create a sense of purpose and direction for the team.

Step 4: Impediment Identification

Identify the challenges
Identify the specific challenges that the team needs to address to achieve the vision. These challenges could be related to team culture, technical skills, productivity, or any other area that needs improvement.

Step 5: Pathway Creation

Develop a navigation system
Create a dynamic and adaptable plan and a set of values and guiding principles that outline the key steps and behaviors needed to achieve the vision. Emphasize flexibility and responsiveness to changing circumstances.

Step 6: Team Collaboration

Foster collaboration
Create an environment that fosters teamwork, innovation, and empowerment. Encourage team members to take ownership of their work and learn how to really empower them to make decisions and take action to achieve the vision.


With the Engineering Leadership Accelerator you'll receive: