Excellence && Happiness Partnership

Your Partnership for Engineering Excellence && Happiness.

The “Excellence && Happiness Partnership” is your comprehensive solution for technical and cultural excellence.

As your partner, I offer a holistic coaching, consulting, and training service for software companies aimed at overcoming technical challenges and strengthening the culture and values of the company.

Through this, we enhance your team’s productivity, quality, and satisfaction.

Tobias Mende
Coach, Consultant, and Trainer

Addressing your pain points

With the “Excellence && Happiness Partnership,” we specifically address your current technical and cultural challenges. These include:

What you get

  • Four individual sessions per month with three key members of your team (e.g., software developers, team leaders, or tech leads).
  • Potential topics: Problem-solving, technical leadership, development practices, strategic technology, architecture, design decisions, …
  • Monthly strategic one-on-one discussions for executives.
  • Potential topics: Team leadership, company culture, technology decisions, …
  • As your partner, I am available via Slack or email for technical questions, architecture reviews, or other consultations.
  • Fair-Use Policy: 10h/month
  • Two monthly collaboration or team programming sessions
  • Potential topics: Refactoring, software design, architecture, testing, …
  • One half-day workshop/training or two additional collaboration sessions on various technical or cultural topics per month.
  • An external perspective on your technical excellence.
  • I assist you in mastering a future technical due diligence with flying colors.
  • Examples: Technical Assessments, Architecture Reviews, Quality Checks

What others say


Because real change takes time, the partnership runs for at least three months and then as long as you like. Creating significant value for your team is my top priority!

Limited offer

To ensure optimal care, deeply understand your context, and provide you with a high-quality and thoughtful external perspective at all times, I work with only a limited number of partners simultaneously.

Is this right for you?

If you

then YES!


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