As an experienced software engineering professional and leader, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and insights on various topics essential to the success of engineering organizations.

In my talks, I cover a diverse range of subjects, including organizational design, engineering culture and strategy, continuous deployments, architecture, and team topologies.

On this page, you find examples of talks I have given in the past or am currently preparing.

The Journey to Continous Deployments

Transforming technology, culture, and mindset

When I joined BRYTER in 2020, I was excited to work with exceptional people but quickly realized our software deployment process was outdated. I made it my goal to drive change toward continuous deployment, which turned out to be a transformational journey for 15 teams and roughly 60 people.

Join me to hear how we tackled technical and cultural obstacles, transformed technology, culture, and mindset, and fundamentally changed how we build and ship software.

Last presented at the SkillUp Day Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (online, 2023)

(Video recording courtesy of the DevOps Institute)

Other Talks

Dysfunctional Without Knowing: 5 Signs That Your Team Might Have A Problem

In this eye-opening presentation, I reveal the subtle warning signs that may indicate dysfunction within your team. Discover practical strategies to address these issues and create a healthier, more productive work environment.

From Silos to Streamlined: How Platform Teams Facilitate Architecture Evolution

Delve into the world of platform teams and understand how they can break down silos, streamline processes, and drive architecture evolution within your organization. Learn how to implement this approach for enhanced agility and innovation.

Is Your Engineering Strategy Boring Enough?

In this thought-provoking talk, I challenge the notion that an exciting engineering strategy is always the best approach. Discover why sometimes, embracing simplicity and consistency can lead to greater success and long-term stability in your projects.