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(Technical) Leadership

  • defining (technical) excellence in your context
  • creating an environment where people want to take responsibility for (technical) excellence
  • setting up a (technical) leadership team
  • shaping and communicating a compelling technical vision
  • nurturing a culture of high trust, improvement, learning and performance
  • creating an inventory of risks, technical debts and systems

Developer Productivity / Developer Experience

  • finding and removing bottlenecks
  • optimizing processes, tools and systems
  • recognizing the cultural aspects and effects of developer productivity
  • accelerating feedback loops for engineers
  • increasing test automation across all levels
  • introducing continuous deployments
  • improving and evolving continuous delivery pipelines
  • reducing build, test and wait times
  • automating infrastructure changes (Infrastructure As Code + Continuous Deployments)
  • defining metrics and measuring developer productivity improvements

Engineering Management / Engineering Excellence

  • analysing, understanding and optimizing culture, processes and structures
  • driving cultural and systemic changes
  • creating a culture of high trust, improvement, learning and performance
  • creating an environment with high psychological safety where every person can bring their full self to work
  • understanding and living servant leadership
  • the meaning of true agile software engineering
  • how to really “empower” people
  • thinking in systems and anticipating second and third-order effects of change
  • understanding team topologies: forming teams that suit your systems and mission

We can mentor and coach you in all or some of the topics above.
For this purpose, we are offering various vehicles depending on your needs:

  • weekly sessions to coach and mentor you while you are driving the change
  • half-day workshops to get to the root of an issue and kicking off the solution
  • focus weeks to deep-dive into one topic without distraction

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