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Crafting a Compelling Engineering Vision (High-Purpose Environments, Part 3)

Creating a solid engineering vision is essential to building a high-purpose environment. A well-defined vision acts as a guiding star for your team and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal.
Having a clear, motivating, inspiring, and achievable vision is one of the crucial pillars of distributed decision-making and leadership. In this article I will share 7 steps on how to create a compelling vision.

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The Importance of an Engineering Vision (High-Purpose Environments, Part 2)

Have you ever seen organizations and teams spinning in circles, having endless discussions, and never seeming able to make progress? Have you witnessed environments where every decision was made by a leader in the hierarchical sense? Or even worse, by someone able to exert a specific power and overrule others?

The scenarios that come to your mind might have one thing in common: They lacked a clear vision, mission, or applicable guiding principles and values (or all of those).

In this article, I want to dive into the exciting and essential topic of engineering vision.

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Creating High-Purpose Environments (High-Purpose Environments, Part 1)

High-purpose environments are cultural spaces that inspire, motivate, and empower individuals to work toward a common goal. A strong sense of purpose, clear values, and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement characterize these environments. In this article I will share how to create high-purpose environments in software engineering

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Weekly Kickoff: Reconnect and Kickstart as a Team

The weekly kickoff is a fantastic way to start your week as a team together. For our team, this was probably the most important event of the week, and we loved it. It allowed us enough structure and flexibility to satisfy our needs and to set us up for a productive and successful week. In this article I describe the structure and elements of our weekly kickoff.

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Deep Work is a Team Effort

Deep work and team work are not mutual exclusive but deeply interconneted. Collaborating as a team is the purest and most efficient form of deep work and can help your team to achieve peak performance.

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