Unblock your engineering.
Lead toward
Engineering Excellence.

As an engineer, manager, leader!
Start where you are
It starts with the first step.
We can help you to find and take it.

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"Get unblocked" Half-Day Workshop

Tackle your next bottleneck.

In this focussed 4-hour-workshop, we will identify and approach your next bottleneck.
Gain clarity, get going, achieve your next success quickly.

Excellence Leadership


Intensive Coaching

Level-up your leadership.

Become a better leader. Guide your team towards engineering excellence.
Drive change with clarity, direction, and compassion.
Enter the next level, as an engineer, manager, or leader.

Free “Engineering Excellence Impulse” Coaching

Your engineers can achieve more.

Book a free 30-minute coaching to learn how you can guide your company toward engineering excellence.

– As an engineer, manager, leader.


What is unblocked.​engineering?

unblocked.engineering is a concept by Tobias Mende and INOCEA Consulting.

Our framework will give impulses that unblock you, your team, and your company and help you to accelerate your journey toward engineering excellence.

unblocked.engineering acknowledges that every company is different and is tailored to your current needs. We will start where you are and guide you through your next step in the transformation.

We truly believe, that most companies can achieve much higher performance without hiring and massive expenses. Together we will ensure you get the most out of your investment. This framework is optimized to enable you and maximize your independence.

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