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Tired of slow software projects that don’t meet customer needs? Frustrated with bad software and never-ending meetings?

There’s a better way.

Imagine a company where great ideas keep coming, making customers happy. Think of a team always at their best, doing amazing things every day. 

With some guidance, we can make this your reality.

Let’s turn things around. Dive in to find out how.

Tobias Mende
Technical Agile Coach & OrgDev Consultant

My Offer for You!

Leadership Evolution Mentorship​

Elevate your leadership with the Leadership Evolution Mentorship, transforming frustration into thriving, joyful, and highly productive engineering teams.

Organizational Development Consulting

As an OrgDev Consultant, I help software companies maximize efficiency, strengthen team cohesion, and enhance workplace culture, ensuring they operate at their peak.

Technical Agile Coaching

As a Technical Agile Coach, I am helping software teams become more effective by supporting, collaborating, and training on technical practices, technologies, and agile methodologies.


About Me

Hi, I am Tobi.

I am passionate about helping organizations overcome the challenges faced by development teams. With over a decade of experience in the software development industry, engineering leadership, developer experience, and productivity, and a deep understanding of the issues faced by modern development teams, I am here to help.

I offer technical and agile team coaching, organizational development consulting for company leaders, and a DevEx Assessment designed to help organizations improve their culture, processes, workflows, tech stacks, and overall developer experience. My goal is to empower development teams to achieve their full potential and deliver high-quality software that meets the needs of their stakeholders.

If you want to streamline your development processes and increase satisfaction, productivity, performance, or collaboration, I am here to help. Let’s work together to unlock the full potential of your engineering team!

I am happy to work with you in English or German.

Why Choose Me

I am dedicated to helping your organization reach its full potential. Let me tell you a few reasons why you should choose me:

Choose me as a partner who will help you drive success for your team and organization. We can work in English or German.

Get in Touch!

If you are interested in my services, I encourage you to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me below. During this call, we can get to know each other better and find out together if my services are a good fit for you. I can also answer any questions you might have.

I am looking forward to meeting you. I am open to speaking and working in English or German.