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How to give outstanding code reviews (if you have to)

Code reviews are essential for maintaining code quality and fostering team collaboration. While pair or team programming is often preferred for immediate feedback, asynchronous code reviews are a valuable alternative when real-time collaboration isn’t feasible. This article explores the challenges of asynchronous code reviews, such as delayed feedback and less effective communication, and offers practical strategies to their effectiveness. Key recommendations include providing timely feedback, setting clear expectations, focusing on test coverage, staying curious, and using code reviews as learning opportunities. Adopting these practices can ensure high-quality code, promote knowledge sharing, and maintain a strong collaborative dynamic, even when working asynchronously.

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Increase Engineering Productivity by 50% Through Focus and Flow

Keeping developers focused and in the zone can boost productivity by 50%. But how do you create such an environment? Beyond cutting down on meetings, this article offers eight practical tips to help your team work better. From working together on tasks to writing clear documentation, find out how to make your software team more productive and less stressed.

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Value-Stream-Oriented Kanban

Discover how value-stream-oriented Kanban can transform your software development process. This blog post explores how Kanban helps you see the big picture—from initial ideas to final delivery—ensuring every step adds real value for customers and your business. Find out how to set up a Kanban board that truly captures your products lifecycle, pinpoints bottlenecks, and smooths out your team’s workflow for better productivity.

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Things I love and hate about the state of software companies in 2024

This started as a rant, not meant to be published. But sticking to my “New Year’s resolution” to write about what triggers me most, I decided to publish it anyway. I wanted to publish it as a LinkedIn post, but it got too long. So here is the unshortened, unpolished and authentic original version of this document, most of which I wrote on my phone after waking up on a Sunday at 5:45am. 😬

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11 Aspects Most Startups Get Wrong About OKRs and How to Fix it

Discover the top mistakes startups make with OKRs and how to correct them for better team alignment and goal achievement. This article provides straightforward advice on setting realistic objectives, improving focus, and enhancing teamwork to ensure your startup uses OKRs effectively for growth and success.

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Self-organizing companies don’t need managers but coaches

This article advocates for self-organizing companies where coaches replace traditional managers, emphasizing the benefits of adaptability, resilience, and a collaborative culture over hierarchical structures, and invites discussion on the evolving role of leadership in modern organizations.

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May the LLM be with You – On Planes and German Trains

This article explores the use of local Large Language Models (LLMs) as coding companions during travel, offering insights into the practicality and performance of offline LLMs for software development tasks. I share my recent experience of using these tools while flying, addressing the challenges of coding without internet access and evaluating the effectiveness of LLMs in providing coding assistance and overcoming connectivity and privacy limitations.

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