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Code Ownership: Keeping the balance between structure and agility

Code ownership is an important topic when it comes to enabling your teams and allowing developers to improve the system while keeping the overhead of changes low. While today, most companies would (hopefully) agree, that individual code ownership is bad because it creates knowledge silos and makes the organisation dependent on individuals, code ownership still is essential on a larger scale.

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A platform team for next-level developer experience

Developer experience is a crucial topic which affects all development teams of a company. Therefore, it can be beneficial to introduce a team that has as their only mission to improve developer experience and productivity as these improvements multiply the impact of the other teams.

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Remote can be synchronous, too!

Whether a team works synchronous or asynchronous is not determined by whether it is co-located or not. Both teams have to make an effort, if they want their work to be synchronous.

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OKRs are NOT guaranteed deliveries

Objectives and key results are a great tool for collaborative goal-setting and for aligned on a company-wide direction. Problems start, when teams start to rely on other teams OKRs to be finished in time.

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Bonuses are bad – change my mind

Bonuses shift an employee’s interest from the long-term success of the company to the achievement of a short-term goal. By introducing bonuses, you are incentivising the achievement of goals, that should not need any incentives, if they were the right goals to begin with.

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