Glaub es nicht nur mir. Höre es direkt von Leuten, die mit mir gearbeitet haben.

Engineering Lead @ Beyond

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tobias, and I can say without hesitation that my coaching experience with him has been great. When I started my new role, I had no idea how different challenges are when working in such a small company.

What I found most valuable about working with Tobias was his own experience as an Engineering Lead. He was able to understand and relate to the challenges I am facing, and provide me with valuable insights on how to be more effective. His suggestions were gentle and always relevant, and he was never afraid to share his own experiences and what worked for him.

What I appreciated most about working with Tobias was his emphasis on showing vulnerability. He encouraged me to be open and honest about my struggles and how to lead by example showing that vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather a strength. This will allow me to build stronger relationships with my team.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a supportive and knowledgeable coach to help them navigate the challenges of a new role or environment.

I have worked with Tobi for more than 2 years at BRYTER and always enjoyed interacting with him. His experience is outstanding. Tobi, at all times, found great opportunities to improve our product sustainably. 

His involvement in the Developer Productivity unit of the company was invaluable and everybody knew about the importance of his work.

I would not have to think twice if I got the opportunity to work with Tobi again. He’s a great person, engineer, and technical leader.

Software Consultant, Freelancer

Senior Platform Engineer @ BRYTER

I highly recommend working with Tobi on your technical and cultural challenges. He is a great communicator, able to explain complex topics to both technical and non-technical folks.

His wealth of knowledge, kind and caring nature, positive attitude, and problem-solving skills made him a joy to work with.

His contributions were impressive leaving its mark on almost every technical aspect concerning BRYTER’s stack, architecture, and shipping methodology.

To name a few, he was the main driver behind the introduction of continuous deployments and helped tremendously the whole organization in delivering software faster, safer, and without worries.

Tobi was always there to offer his support to anyone asking. He is a great communicator, able to explain complex tech to both technical and non-technical folks. His kind and caring nature, positive attitude, and problem-solving skills made him a joy to work with.

I worked with Tobi for almost three years across multiple teams. I witnessed how the environment where Tobi is present transforms into a highly performant one, where people collaborate heavily, trust each other and enjoy working together.

Tobi is by nature a seeker of better: he has the eye to spot improvement opportunities and the drive to implement the needed changes to get there. It is always a team effort, but he brings inspiration and ways to push things forward.

His most significant impact was during his time on the Developer Experience team because, from there, he had a positive influence and impact on every development team in the company and every person on those teams. For example, the whole development team only dreamed about continuous delivery. Tobi, however, transformed it into an objective that was achieved after all the technical improvements, process changes, and helping people overcome the fear of and resistance to change. It was a team success with Tobi’s inspiration and support.

I am grateful for having had the chance to work closely with Tobi, like everyone else who had the opportunity. He has the technical knowledge, is always up to date with the latest technologies and practices, and has the ability to choose which would work better in a given situation. But what makes it truly valuable is that he shares this knowledge with everyone around. What amazed me was how he supported people when they struggled with issues from many areas: backend, frontend, infrastructure, QA, and processes. He listens actively, cares, and always helps identify solutions.

His presence at BRYTER made a tremendous impact not only at a technical level but also at a cultural level, and his voice and input were highly valued business-wise.

I recommend Tobi whenever I have the opportunity because I know how he can step in, and by the time he leaves, things will be in a much better place than he found them.

Senior QA Engineer, Freelancer

Software Engineer @ QuantaLabs

Even just one session with Tobias provided value for us. It was thought-provoking and we had enough action points to work on internally.

In my two years working with Tobi, he constantly impressed me with his comprehensive expertise. Tobi is an exceptional leader and an expert in various areas of software development, including backend, frontend, infrastructure, databases, architecture, test-driven development, and CI/CD. His quick grasp of complex and unknown code has repeatedly advanced our team.

Tobi possesses an exceptional ability to develop and implement effective solutions swiftly. He has a keen sense for identifying, avoiding, and cleaning up technical debt. In proposing his solutions, he always carefully weighs the pros and cons.

Particularly noteworthy is his ability to explain difficult technical topics clearly and understandably – both in technical terms and in layman’s language. His high quality standard extends not only to the code but also to our work processes and team culture. Tobi is an expert at recognizing what is important next and how to set the right priorities.

He is always eager to question and improve workflows if they are not optimal for the team. Tobi also has an exceptional talent for moderating meetings so everyone can contribute. His attention to detail is evident in how he makes code more understandable through refactoring and identifies automation potentials.

Furthermore, Tobi has always motivated the team to continue developing, acquiring new knowledge, and trying innovative processes. His ability to successfully introduce new tools and processes, even in the face of initial skepticism, has often impressed me.

Tobi’s contribution goes far beyond the usual measure. His commitment to important, cross-team projects has strengthened our team and the entire company. Tobi is an outstanding lead, developer, and team member with unforgettable influence.

Freelance Software Engineer

Corporate Identity, Culture & Design Expert

Tobias has the skills, the knowledge and the heart to sustainably increase performance and humanness in organizations.